hey friend! NICE TO MEET YA

We are a group of creatives who love food, adult beverages and throwing parties. When we first saw this old tow truck station, the vibe was calling for some good fried chicken sandwiches, groovy music, local art and friendly faces. 

When you are heading south on University, we are tucked in the corner of 1st Avenue north. Park in our little lot or turn right on 1st ave north and park on 13 ½ street north. We will be waiting to take your order at the counter.  Our menu features brined, hormone-free, hand battered fried chicken sandwiches, tenders, fresh salads, delicious side dishes and we can’t forget the fun cocktails, local beer and coming soon . . . ice cream.  

So why is everything gluten free? When we were taste testing the breading creations, Alex was testing out gluten free options since he is allergic. It just so happened we liked it better! So we said, heck let’s just make everything gluten free. If it’s not an issue for you, the good thing is you will never be able to tell. If it is an issue for you, WOOHOO you get to choose anything on our menu (sub out the regular bun) and even eat some fried food!!!

We love our community and all the creative people we get to collaborate with. We hope you have time to explore all the cool things in walking distance here including Wild Terra, Chubs Pub, Pixel, Drekker, Fargo Brewing Company and the Plains Art Museum! One of the definitions of “brew” is multiple things coming together to make a more potent whole. That’s what we think of the neighborhood,  our team, the food, the decor and you! We love seeing you over your lunch break, at happy hour for a 40 and nachos, picking up take out, date night, family nights out and of course at Saturday and Sunday brunch.

We welcome you to the neighborhood party!

Meet our amazing team here at Brew Bird!